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Reverse Mortgage

Why Hire a Buyers Agent

Changes Happening in The Ontario Private Mortgage Landscape

Why buying real estate Must start with getting pre-approved for a mortgage

Curious about what the current value of your home is in today’s market?

Commandment #1. Thou shalt not change jobs become self-employed or quit a job

The “Disruptions” In The Real Estate Industry

3rd Commandment of Buying Real Estate

The “Disruptions” In The Real Estate Industry

How to choose your list price

Real Estate Coaching, Real Estate Invesment and Alternatives, and Understanding Agreements with Brian O’Neill

"There have been changes that are happening in the marketplace. The exact cause is unknown, but it has been assumed to be caused by what’s happening globally."

Chris Prefontaine of Smart Real Estate Coach tackles the real estate world. If you're serious about making money in the Real Estate Investment Business, then this episode is for you! 


“I learned that the reason why people are not where they want to be is due to the things that happened to them—not because of their own actions.”

– Alex

I'm Walter Monteiro.

I’m a real estate and mortgage agent in Cambridge Ontario and I’ve had the privilege of serving our community since 1987.





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Buyers have lost Control

Fixing and Flipping, is it right for you?

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How To Avoid Bidding Wars While Buying a House

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