2015 Episodes

"Everything Mortgages"... an interview with one of Waterloo Region's top mortgage brokers,

Karen Monteiro.

RRSP Mortgage Investing


RRSP Downpayment

RRSP's and Real Estate

Closing Costs

HST (Harmonized Sales Tax)

Rent to Own

Common Seller Mistakes

1st Time Homebuyer's Incentives

7 Reasons Why Real Estate Is A Great Investment

If I Had It To Do Over Again

5 Real Estate Myths Debunked

Buyer Representation Agreements

Conditional Offers part 2

Electronic Signatures Are Finally Here!!

7 Characteristics of Today's 1st Time Home Buyer

6 Frustrating Things About The Current Real Estate Market


9 Things FSBO Companies Don't Want You To Know

Standard forms that Real Estate Agents use in terms of executing agreements of purchase and sale and listing agreements



6th Step of the 6 Steps to the Home Buying process

Home Buying Process Step 5 of 6

Home Buying Process Step 4 of 6

Home Buying Process Step 3 of 6

Home Buying Process Step 2 of 6

10 Things To Consider For Mortgage Renewals


No Down Payment Program

Things Buyers Do That They Need To Stop