"Kristine, I've been listening to your podcast since 2019. You inspired me to start my solo trips (yep, I quit my job and followed my heart). I just want you to know that you're doing a great job inspiring others!"


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Some tracks I made or mixed recently Welcome to the TRAVEL NINJA podcast! Each episode is a true story of myself or my fellow travelers. Whether it's practical tips on staying healthy or how to talk with the locals, I hope you'll learn something. THis podcast has been shortlisted twice as one of the top 10 travel podcasts by many travel magazines.

EPISODE 22 | A Memorable Trip to Chiang Mai

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EPISODE 37 | Traveling with Kids with Anne Mie

EPISODE 41 | Life of a
Solo Traveler

EPISODE 64 | What I've Learned After 15 Years

Podcast Episodes

EPISODE O1 | 7 Days in Bangladesh


EPISODE O2 | A Trip to Alaska


EPISODE O3 | Getting Engaged While Traveling


EPISODE O4 | Traveling in Dangerous Places


EPISODE O5 | Bucket List Travel  


EPISODE O6 | How to Talk to Locals


EPISODE O7 | Anxiety & Travel


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